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Marriage Policy

For such a special day, you want a special place. A church is so much more than a wedding venue. God will be there with you to bless you - on the day and always.You can talk to us about a church wedding even if you feel you are not "really" religious, if you don't regularly go to church, whether or not you are christened, if you are concerned about budget - or a great deal of other questions.We can talk through your day, suggest ideas, hymns, readings and adding personal touches. We will be with you throughout your planning - to help with these decisions, your rehearsal and preparing for the day itself.All you need to know about finding your special church, a ceremony planner and a walk through the wedding service tool - can be found at This site is to show you what happens in a Church of England wedding, step by step - and you can discuss all your needs, ideas, and get answers to your questions with us here at SS Peter & Paul Parish Church in Kirton.So we warmly welcome all who are seeking to be married in our Church or seeking a Service of Blessing after a Civil Marriage and will prepare the couple for both their Wedding Day and the lifelong marriage that is to follow in a manner which is encouraging and loving. The practice in this Parish is that the remarriage of those who have been divorced may take place if the couple concerned are able to fulfil certain criteria laid out by the parish priest. The final decision as to whether a marriage may be conducted in one of the Churches lies with the Parish Priest. At present The Law does not permit the conducting of same-sex marriage in Church and Church law does not allow for blessings of such relationships in Churches. Please contact Fr Paul F Blanch on Tel 01205 624128 for further details and bookings.

Our Marriage Policy

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